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MTB bikes are known by mountain bikes. Mountain biking is the sport of riding a bicycle off road. MTB bikes have good performance. Mountain bikes have full suspension, large tires, more durable wheel, more powerful brakes. Mountain bikes can be divided into four broad categories bases on suspension configuration RIGID, HARD TAIL, SOFT TAIL.

Mountain bikes are similar to downhill bikes. MTB bikes are of two types basically.




•SPECTRUM  – SPECTRUM  multi  speed bicycle is available in two different sizes i.e. Spectrum 27.5 and spectrum 29. It has hard tail aluminum frame and MLO suspension fork. The Rear derailleur of spectrum is Altus & Tourney respectively.

•STRIKER – The other model of multi speed bicycle is STRICKER. Stricker is also available in two different sizes i.e. Stricker 26 and Stricker 27.5. Stricker has superlight aluminum frame and Suntour XCT- HLO Fork, shimano M360 Acrea Rear & Front Deralleur.

•Malibu  -- Malibu is available in size 29. Malibu has very good performance and comfortable riding. It has superlight Aluminium Frame, Kenda  29 x 2.10 Tires, Double wall alloy Rims. Malibu has Front & Rear Tekto Disc Brake.

•ENVY 29 ---  ENVY 29 is HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE multi speed bicycle. It has wheel in 29, alloy frame, alloy Crown Mechanical Lockout Fork, Shimano MF-TZ21 Freewheel, RD is shimano M-360 & FD is Shimano TY-500. 

•CLASH 26 –  CLASH 26 is highly designed Multi Speed Bicycle. It has Alu 6061 Frame, Zoom Suspension fork with mechanical Lock out, Shimano MF-TZ21 freewheel, Front & Rear Promax Disc Brake, Kenda 26 x 2.125 Tires and 15.20kg weight.

•FURY 26 –  Multi speed bike is also available in FURY 26 model. Fury 26 has HI Tensile Suspension Steel Frame, Zoom Suspension Fork, Shimano MF-TZ21 Freewheel, 25.4 x 300mm seatpost. FURY 26 has 16.20kg weight.

•SPORT 27.5 – SPORT 27.5 is also a Multi Speed Bicycle. It has zoom Suspension Fork with mechanical Lock Out, Rear derailleur is Shimano Altus & Front derailleur is Shimano TZ-30, Shifter EF-51, Alloy seat post and pedals. Sport 27.5 has 15.10kg weight.

•SKILL – SKILL is available in three different sizes i.e. SKILL 26, SKILL 27.5, SKILL 29. It has HI- Tensile steel frame, X-bicycle suspension fork, 7-speed freewheel, triple chain wheel, double wall RIMS, EF-51 shifters.

•AIR – AIR is a Multi Speed bicycle available in three sizes i.e. AIR 26, AIR 27.5, AIR 29. It has alloy frame, suspension fork, Rear derailleur is shimano TZ & Front derailleur is 35A. It has PVC pedals &  Rear & Front disc brake.

•SUPER SPORT  -- SUPER SPORT is one of the highly designed Multi  Speed Bicycle. It has HI Tensile suspension steel frame, Suspension fork, Sealed Bearing bottom bracket,  Alloy double wall Rim, PVC pedals and 14.30kg weight.

•FIT  --  FIT Multi Speed Bicycle is also available in three sizes i.e. FIT 26, FIT 27.5, FIT 29. FIT has Alloy frame, double wall alloy rims, EF-51 shifters. Steel suspension fork.  FIT has Shimano TZ-30 front derailleur & TX-35 Rear Derailleur.


A single speed bicycle is single gear ratio bicycle. These bicycles have no derailleur gears, hub gearing or other methods for varying the gear ratio of the bicycle.  There are many types of single speed bicycles as given below.

Single speed bicycle is further categorized ---

•FANTOM – FANTOM is a single speed bicycle and available in 24 size. It has rigid fork, single chain wheel crank mechanism, front & rear V brake,  Alloy Rims, comfortable saddle, PVC pedals, and weight is 14.80kg.

•DARE --  DARE is available in 24 size. DARE is a single speed bicycle and has HI Tensile Steel Dual suspension Frame, Suspension Fork, Alloy Rim, comfortable saddle and 15kg weight.

•SPIDER 26 – SPIDER is a one speed bicycle.  It has various features such as HI Tensile steel frame, rigid fork, single chain wheel, Front & Rear V Brake, Alloy Rims, MTB comfortable saddle and 15.20kg weight.

•OZONE – OZONE single speed bicycle available in 26 sizes. It has Rigid fork, Alloy rims, 26 x 2.10 tires, MTB comfortable saddle, PVC pedals and 15.30kg weight.

•ALFA – ALFA single speed bicycle available in 26 sizes. It has Hi- Tensile dual suspension steel frame, alloy rims, 26 x 1.95 rims, 16kg weight,  MTB saddle, steel handle bar.

•CLIFF – CLIFF is available in three different sizes i.e. CLIFF 26, CLIFF 27.5, CLIFF 29. These cycles have X-Bicycle suspension fork, double wall Alloy Rim, side kick stand, 640mm handlebar and Wanda king tires.

•STUD – STUD 24 is also single speed bicycle and it has Hi- Tensile Suspension steel frame. Stud has front & Rear disc brake, Alloy double wall RIM, MTB saddle.

MTB bicycles have above varieties in all cycles. MTB bikes are mostly used for mountain so that we can say that it’s a MOUNTAIN TERRAIN BIKE.

Date: Sep 08, 2017.