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Bike studio caters a multi brand franchisee opening storesin all over India. Till now we have 9 bike studio stores are as followsAmravati, Aurangabad, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Ludhiana,Udaipur. Now we are going to add one more brand in our store. Bike studio hasvarious brands in cycles which import from Thailand, Europe, Sri Lanka andChina. Bike studio provides best services to their customers. Bike Studio providesa price advantage as compared to the competitors.

Bike Studio deals in top brands i.e. LA-Sovereign, INFINITE, X- BICYCLES, FERRARI, LAMBHORGHINI and newly launched ROMET brand.

ROMET was established in 1971. As the passing of time, 1976was the year of modernization for ROMET. ROMET is only brand which has producedfirst million bicycles over five years and the next in half of this time.

ROMET bike frame technology utilizes the latest designsolutions and cutting edge manufacturing technology. The Frame design and thematerial used in the manufacturing process ensure a comfortable ride andreliability of the bike.

ROMET is categorized into 4 BIKES following bikes.





1.MTB BIKES---- MTB BIKES are designed for off- road cycling. MTB bikes mostly used for MOUNTAINS cycling. MTB Bikes are further categorized into 3 bicycles.

• RAMBLER 29 2---- Rambler 29 2 has front & Rear Disc brakes, 29”/ alu 6061 frame. SR Sun tour XR 42/ 32/22 175 mm, Shimano Acera M360 Rear derailleur and Shimano TY700. 29x2, 25 size of Tire.

• RAMBLER 29 4---- Rambler 29 4 is similar rambler 29 2 bicycle. It has same frame i.e.29”/ alu 6061. Front and Rear Shimano shifter. SR suntour XCR DS-RL, MICHELIN COUNTRY RACER 29X21.

• RAMBLER 29 3---- Rambler 29 3 has 29’’ Alu 6061. SR suntour XCM –DS-HLO, front and rear Shimano ACERA M3000, MICHELIN COUNTRY RACER 29X21. Shimano M315 HYDRAULIC DISCBRAKES.

2.HYBRID BIKES---- Hybrid is a general purpose bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications. Hybrid bikes have lighter weight, thinner wheels and smooth tires. Hybrid bikes further categorized into 2 bikes.

• ORKAN 3M---- ORKAN 3 M bicycle has 28”/alu 6061 frame, SR suntour NEX DS-RL Fork, Shimano Altus M310 shifter. Circular hydraulic Brakes, Aluminum double chamber Rim.

• ORKAN 4M---- ORKAN 4 M bicycle is similar to ORKAN 3 M bicycle. It has 28”/alu 6061 frame, 21 gears speed, Shimano Alivio T4000 front derailleur, Shimano DEORE M592 rear derailleur.

3.ROAD BIKES---- Road bikes are basically design for travelling at speed on paved roads. It has their tires which helps bicycle to go fast. Road Bike is further categorized in HURAGAN 1 BICYCLE.

• HURAGAN 1--- HURAGAN 1 bicycle is a light weight and powerful road bike. It has SR Suntour M3010 fork, 28”/alu 6061, SR Suntour M3010, Shimano Claris M2400 3 speed shifter, Michelin Dynamic 23-622.

4.TOURING BIKE--- Touring bicycles are designed for bicycle touring. They are strong, comfortable and have a capacity to carrying heavy loads.

Touring Bikes are categorized into 2 bicycles.

• WAGANT 1---- WAGANT 1 bicycle is mostly used for touring purposes. WAGANT 1 AND WAGANT 2 both are giving comfort.  It has 28”/alu 6061, 21 gear drive, Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleur. 

• WAGANT 2----WAGANT 2 bicycles is similar to WAGANT bicycle 1. Both have same fame size i.e.28”/ alu 6061, 21 gear drive, Suntour M3010 fork, Shimano T4 510 front derailleur. It has 700x 35 size tires.

Date: Aug 14, 2017.