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Bike riding is not just good for the Health only It is also very safe for the environment. Bike riding helps in improving your life in the world process and make your life better. Cycling is a good mode of transport and it uses fossil fuel in very minimum amount. Bike riding takes less energy than car as it does not require any toxic batteries and motor oils. Cycling reduces the traffic congestion.

Here, we have mentioned some benefits

No air pollution in the environment. Cars and other mode of transports harm the environment by discharging nitrogen oxide. 80% carbon monoxide gas in the air came from the motorized bikes which operate through gas and petroleum. On the other hand, Bike riding is not arising this type of environmental factors.

  1. Bike riding does not burn any renewable fuels. Bicycle consumes no fuels so it could cut down the oil consumption’s over the next few decades. Bike riding reduces the household emissions at least 8%.
  2. Cycling is faster than car during traffic on the road. Because it reduces the traffic problem.
  3. Bike riding helps in combating noise pollution.
  4. Bike riding increases mobility for those people who can’t afford other mode of transportation.
  5. Bike riding helps in reducing water pollution. Bikes don’t drip brake fluid, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, toxic dust, etc.
  6. You can enjoy the variety of topography while riding a bike.

So from the above, we can say that bike riding is good for the environment too. Bicycle is one of the most energy efficient modes of transportation while it also tries to allow the rider to appreciate more of the gradation of nature and built environment around them.

Date: Jul 04, 2017.