Light Diyas, Not Fireworks Ride a Bike not Car

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of lights; however itcomes along with tons of noise and pollution. Millions of Indians burstfirecrackers on this day, and the fact is, we all love fire crackers and notmany people are willing to change this habit as a way to care for theenvironment. Fireworks can light up the night, but there are many other thingswe can do this Diwali instead of bursting crackers that would light up our dayas well as the others.

1.      TRY TOHELP NEEDY AND TRY TO SHARE THE LIGHT- Diwali is a festival of givinglove and spreading joy around us. So why not try to help those people whoactually need our love. Making donations to the needy in the form of clothes,money and food is one great way of sharing your wealth with those who actuallyneed it.

2.      FAMILYGET TOGETHER- Today, people are so busy with work that they unable tospend quality time with their families. Take out time from your schedules andtry to spend precious moments with your family as lost time may never be foundagain.


3.      CLEAN& DECORATE YOUR SURROUNDINGS- Diwali is the festival of lights, so weshould clean our homes and neighborhoods and decorate with lights like diyas,LEDs, and candles as it will help us to celebrate a bright, clean and smokelessDiwali.


4.GO GREEN- In the recent businessworld due to the fast development of industries, trees are decreasing day byday which has had a bad impact on the quality of our fresh air. Getting outthere and actively participating in plantation of trees and flowers in order toimprove the quality of oxygen and fresh air is a great way of going green thisDiwali, and for the future.


5.      GIFTBICYCLES TO YOUR LOVED ONES- Bicycle riding is a great way to becomefit & look fine. Gifting bicycles on this occasion is a way of caring foryour loved ones and the environment in the following ways–

Helps stay healthy, Great means ofcardiovascular exercise, Noiseless and smokeless, Increase strength andendurance, Improved flexibility, Fitness Leads to disease free lifestyle.


Spread the light this Diwali andshare your love with people around you by caring for the atmosphere, and humanityinstead of bursting crackers.
Happy Diwali from the Bike Studio Team!

Date: Oct 18, 2017.